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Custom and Traditional Medium Art Pieces. Mediums used range from Acrylic and watercolor paints, charcoal, pastel, pencil, pen, Chinese ink, and more. Pieces can be done on canvas or a form of art paper. Canvas panels come framed, as do paper pieces, which will be mounted as well unless otherwise requested.
Graphic and Advertisement Design. The advertisement design services I offer include design for logos, flyers, brochures/pamphlets, merchandise, invitations, social media, and more. Also included are digital drawings & paintings.
On site photography services in both digital and film. All photos from shoots are professionally edited and delivered on CD. Prints are available as well. Photography can also be used in combination with graphic and advertisement design services.



Catch me at Otakuthon, Otakon, and the Enchanted City all in August! Looking forward to seeing so many great cosplays and even wearing my own!


Lots of changes coming soon. Some of the new rates have been announced with more to come and a brand new website as well. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, first priority is getting my clients' photo shoots out!

Recently made an announcement for my new cosplay photography rates. This year, I've been getting a lot of requests at cons, so my new rates give options to all types of cosplayers, whether you're looking for a serious, all-out edited photo or just some quick shots to show off your work. More info on my blog here! Soon to be announced: my summer con schedule!

Just for fun, here's a little speed art video I did of Olaf from Disney's "Frozen"! Let me know what you think. And feel free to make requests. I hope you enjoy! Stay warm this winter!

Starting this day forward, 10% of all purchases and money that comes in will be going to an organization working to end child sex slavery called Love146. AGOM is very glad to be able to help this organization and what they're doing. Learn more about them at www.love146.org.

"Everyone has a purpose. Let's reveal yours."

What is AGOM?

           AGOM (A Glimpse of Me) Art Studios is an art business started by artist, Tiffany Vargas, aimed toward helping others pursue their life purpose and dreams. It is geared mostly toward other artists of various types (musical, culinary, visual, etc.). With the belief that everyone has a purpose, the goal of AGOM is to help others pursue those purposes, dreams, and the things that they were built to do. The primary services offered are traditional medium art, graphic/advertisement design, and photography.

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Why Choose A Glimpse of Me?

           I'm an artist pursuing what I love and feel I'm meant to do. Therefore, I understand the struggles that come with pursuing a career that can often be considered "unrealistic". I want to help make the career that you love realistic for you, just as it has become realistic to me.
"Tiffany has been doing promotional work for my ministry Breath of Life Missions for around 6 months now. I have found her work to be excellent and her attention to detail to be outstanding. I Highly recommend her for your next Project."

- Pastor Jim Jorgensen
  President Breath of Life Missions
"I hired Tiffany last fall to assist me when I was completely bogged down with design work. She was a lifesaver! From helping me conceptualize new ideas to entrusting her with deliverables, Tiffany impressed me at every task. My favorite part of working with her was she fearlessly presented her own creativity in the assignments I asked of her, but didn't have any problem doing more tedious work. Super flexible, amazing raw talent, and a quick learner to boot--I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who wants good work with a good attitude."

 - Kristen Estes
Founder & Multimedia Consultant
"If you are looking for a photographer, Tiffany has the answer. I strongly believe she is gifted in that career; it just comes out without any stress, she knows how to get you focused, even [if] you are that person who does not like pictures, when you come to Tiffany, you will see a different you. Praise God, I wish to say she is anointed in her career, her smile only will make you want to take more. The pictures she took for us, everyone that saw it loved, as her name goes, just a little try of her work, you will enjoy the rest. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer, Tiffany is the answer for your photos, Try her and see."

- Florence Brooks

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