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What is AGOM?

AGOM (A Glimpse of Me) Art Studios is an art business started by artist, Tiffany Vargas, aimed toward helping others pursue their life purpose and dreams. It is geared mainly toward other artists of various types (musical, culinary, visual, etc.). With the belief that everyone has a purpose, the goal of AGOM is to help others pursue those purposes, dreams, and the things that they were built to do. The primary services offered are traditional medium art, graphic/advertisement design, and photography. For further information on AGOM services, please visit the services page.

To get a further idea of what AGOM is about (the mission, history, and the face behind the business), please continue to read on.

AGOM History:

A Glimpse of Me Studios was originally started by Tiffany Vargas in 2009 as a site to display her portfolio to colleges. Coming from a family of artists, she had been experimenting with multiple mediums of art since as soon as she could pick up a pencil. She would say that her artistic abilities are her greatest talents.

In early 2012, she felt called to turn that online portfolio into a business. In this business she offers artistic services within the mediums that she feels she can most confidently accomplish (which are the services listed). AGOM Studios is primarily located in the upstate, NY area, but thanks to modern technology, most of the services can be provided to all locations around the world.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet:

You may be wondering why I chose the name “A Glimpse of Me” and who the “Me” stands for. You may also be wondering why I chose to use a Shakespearean line as a title (it’s somewhat relevant and fun). Or you may not care about either of those.

Since AGOM originally started as an online portfolio, the name “A Glimpse of me” simply meant my work was a glimpse of who I am. Art is a form of expression, and so by viewing my portfolio, you were allowing me to express myself to you.

However, when it was turned into a business, the focus was no longer on me expressing myself, but instead helping others to express themselves. So, I began trying to figure out what would be a good name for my business.

One of the great influences on my business was also my belief. Not meaning that my business is for pushing my belief onto others, but that I have the belief that my talents are not by chance but instead God-given gifts and that this is part of what I'm meant to do. I believe that every person is born with a God-given purpose, and that part of my purpose is to help others realize they have a purpose as well. My goal is to help others find what they’re called to do, and help them pursue it. In spite the struggles that may come from people telling them it's unrealistic. I may not be able to help every person in the world with that, but, by providing the services I offer and doing my best to inspire others, I can at least help those who are looking to me for help in those areas.

With that being said, I felt it was shown to me that I didn’t need to change the name due to the “Me” now representing three different entities: 1. obviously, I am still represented by the work I do in some shape or form. 2. My art is being used to help each person who hires me or buys a piece from me represent themselves. And 3. By doing what we’re built to do, we represent God and the plan he created for our lives. And so, A Glimpse of Me remained the name of the business.

Mission and Goals:

AGOM Studios believes everyone has a purpose. Therefore, the mission is to help people find and pursue their purposes, dreams, and the things that they were built to do. Part of this goal is to help you best represent yourself, whether it be through home decorating, marketing your business, capturing moments in your life, or simply through inspiration.

Please keep in mind, although kept at professional quality, I enjoy being creative and clever with my ideas. Which is why AGOM is better geared toward other artists. If you're looking for that more plain corporate feel, my recommendation is to find someone who specializes in that.

The face behind it all:

So now, you may or may not want to know more about the person who’s been explaining this all to you and who you may potentially be working with (I'm assuming you do since you're reading this). It’s important before hiring any artist to get to know them and make sure they’re on the same page when it comes to what you need from them. Knowing they’re influences, tastes, personality and overall heart/motive helps you decide if they’re a good fit. Of course, looking through their portfolio helps as well.

As mentioned before, I believe my abilities aren't by chance and are God-given gifts. I consider God, having created everything around us, to be the greatest artist there is, and I’m merely displaying a very small portion of His ability to create. And for this reason, I try my best to see beauty in everything that exists in the world. I adore both the simplicity of nature and the complex bright lights of a city. Being able to capture any of that beauty is a gift I’m incredibly thankful for.

I give Him credit for any success I’ve had. But, while my belief is very important to me, a large part of who I am, and why I do what I do, it is not something that will ever be pushed on any client. It merely affects my character, morals and the reason for what I do. My life should be my testimony rather than trying to convince others with my words. I do not believe in trying to convince, persuade, or manipulate someone to believe the same things I believe. So if what’s going through your mind now is a worry of crosses or Jesus fish ending up on the work you hire me to do or me trying to convince you of the existence of God, relax, that won’t happen, unless you actually request those things.

As for my interests and influences: I’m sure one of the first things you expect me to mention are the artists I look up to. Choosing certain artists to look up to has always been a struggle for me, because I tend to be fonder of certain pieces rather than all of a person’s work. So as far as graphic design and photography goes, I don’t have any favorite artists. But some of the many artists I find inspiring are Loulou & Tummie for graphic work; Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, Josh Jones, and Edward Weston for photography; and Yuumei and Susu Nonohara for digital art work. I do, however, have a favorite traditional medium artist, and that would be Thomas Kinkade, known as 'the painter of light'. Light is such a beautiful thing to focus on and capture. I am also extremely fascinated by the work of Samuel Silva, who does absolutely amazing artwork with ordinary ballpoint BIC pens.

Many of the other interests I have tend to influence my art as well. I have strong interests in languages, cultures, cooking, psychology & science, music, poetry, anime & comic books, health & fitness, and marketing. Some favorite cultures of mine include Japanese, English, Latin American, Hawaiian, Italian, and a few other European cultures, including their languages as well. I currently speak 4 languages (and plan to learn more). I also enjoy studying Japanese and Hebrew calligraphy. These areas of interest also heavily influence my love of cooking, as well as many of my music tastes. I, of course, often enjoy photographing most food that I cook as well.

I studied psychology throughout college and to this day, still find myself studying it when I can. Psychology plays a very important part in marketing, as well as the arts, for what we find aesthetically pleasing all has to do with how our brain perceives colors, perspective, balance, etc. And of course marketing is an extremely important part of graphic & advertisement design. Also, something that many people don’t realize, math and science also are a huge part of drawing and photography. Good visual judgment is needed for both of them, which means accurately determining angles, distances, proportions, etc. And without having somewhat of an understanding of science and technology, it is very difficult to operate a camera and to understand how light will affect your piece.

Yes, I enjoy watching anime (Japanese cartoons) shows as well. I love the way many of their story lines are written out, but most of all, I very much enjoy their cartooning style. I don't really associate this with my love of their culture. Aside from anime, the rare times I watch TV, I enjoy watching Scrubs, Sherlock, New Girl, Law & Order: CI, Once Upon A Time, and action based movies, usually based on comic books. I own almost every live-action Marvel comic movie to have come out. I really tend to like clean humor, great cinematography, and anything that makes me think, which may be contrary to what many people watch TV for.

I was a dancer throughout my years in high school and still love dancing as much as ever. It is a great work out and a fantastic way to express yourself. I have a large range of musical genres I’m interested in, many of which I enjoy dancing to. I have also played a huge variety of instruments throughout my life. My favorite instrument to listen to and that I've ever played is violin. Bass is my other favorite instrument (although I can't play it). Aside from dancing, I find it important to keep my body in shape through exercise and eating healthy when I can. I find yoga to also be a very useful tool in staying healthy, as well as very relaxing. I also find writing poetry very relaxing.

Some other fun info about me; I keep myself in a constant state of learning, through both research/classes and learning through every day experiences. I truly enjoy promoting those who I find excel at their abilities. I love to be inspired. Seeing random acts of kindness and people have success in what they love to do are two things I find very inspiring. Some people I’ve come to be very inspired by and look up to include Lacey Sturm, Jon Foreman, and Lori McNee. Winter is my favorite season and the holidays are my favorite time of the year. The way light reflects off of the snow, the purity it represents, the way it is never completely dark because of the holiday lights, and the smiles and excitement of children looking forward to presents and days off from school. Plus, there’s all the food! My favorite animals are snow leopards and I have an odd adoration of most black & white animals. I'm also very fond of reptiles as pets and currently own a Bearded Dragon named Toothless (the name is based off the movie "How to Train Your Dragon," my favorite children's movie).

I as well have some experience modeling, both for other photographers as well as for my own photography, which helps me better understand photographing and working with other people. I will occasionally still take up modeling jobs when I get offers that aren’t too inconvenient for me. Below is some of the past modeling work I've done:

So why do I have such a long section revealing all my interests? Well, because I find it extremely awkward talking about myself in person. If this is all known beforehand, it means less talking I need to do and the more talking YOU can do when discussing a job. And since these interests have large influences on my work style & quality, it also means you’re more likely to have a good idea of whether you consider me right for the job or not beforehand.

"Tiffany has been doing promotional work for my ministry Breath of Life Missions for around 6 months now. I have found her work to be excellent and her attention to detail to be outstanding. I Highly recommend her for your next Project."

- Pastor Jim Jorgensen
  President Breath of Life Missions
"I hired Tiffany last fall to assist me when I was completely bogged down with design work. She was a lifesaver! From helping me conceptualize new ideas to entrusting her with deliverables, Tiffany impressed me at every task. My favorite part of working with her was she fearlessly presented her own creativity in the assignments I asked of her, but didn't have any problem doing more tedious work. Super flexible, amazing raw talent, and a quick learner to boot--I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who wants good work with a good attitude."

- Kristen Estes
Founder & Multimedia Consultant Bananerd
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