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For more information on the services I provide, please read below:
I work with various traditional mediums including, but not limited to, acrylic paints, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, ink, etc. Pricing depends on desired medium, size of piece, and the amount of time required to accomplish your request. Please contact me with details of your request to receive an estimate. I offer free consultation so we can work out these details to best suit your needs beforehand.

Note: Pieces that are not done on regular canvas (for example: canvas panels or specialized art paper) will always come framed unless requested otherwise.
(This includes but not limited to logo design, flier designs, cover art, illustration, t-shirt designs, and many other forms of advertisement)

Pricing depends on approximate time needed to complete the request. Please contact me with a list of requirements you need met for the design in order to receive an estimate. I offer free consultation so we can work out what details will best suit your needs beforehand.

After settling on a price, clients will be provided multiple rough drafts from which they can choose from in the beginning process and then will be allowed up to 2 revisions. Additional revisions after will require additional fees.

Some common examples of my rates*
Simple flier design/brochure: $60
Logo design: $120 - $240
Social Media Layout Design package: $120 - $180

*These are not guaranteed prices. These are prices based on very typical work I do. If your project requires more detail and time, it may cost more.
Currently only offering on site photography. All photos released will be professionally edited and finished. Photos will be delivered on CD.

Pricing depends on the amount of hours required and the amount of photos desired. Please contact me for a quote. I offer free consultation so we can work out these details to best suit your needs beforehand.

High Quality Prints can be purchased additionally at:
$6 for eight wallet sized
$8 for five 4"x6" photo
$6 per every 8"10" photo
(Please contact me for larger prints or canvas printing rates)
I occasionally make clothing, props, and jewelry for costumes, but, this is not my main area of work. I do, however, know of people who are very talented in those areas. If there's a job you want me to do and I don't feel I can do as well of a job, I will refer you to those whom I feel can best accomplish the job.

If I do feel I can accomplish your request, pricing will depend on materials used and time needed to accomplish the project. Please contact me with details to receive an estimate.

Note: Apparel design refers to actually designing clothing and not t-shirt designs. For t-shirt designs, please refer to graphic design rates.
Coming soon.

Unsure about what you need or whether or not you should use us?
I offer free consultation before you make any decisions.

Also, download our free Creative Brief template to help better communicate and manage your goals for you and/or your business.
"Tiffany has been doing promotional work for my ministry Breath of Life Missions for around 6 months now. I have found her work to be excellent and her attention to detail to be outstanding. I Highly recommend her for your next Project."

- Pastor Jim Jorgensen
  President Breath of Life Missions
"I hired Tiffany last fall to assist me when I was completely bogged down with design work. She was a lifesaver! From helping me conceptualize new ideas to entrusting her with deliverables, Tiffany impressed me at every task. My favorite part of working with her was she fearlessly presented her own creativity in the assignments I asked of her, but didn't have any problem doing more tedious work. Super flexible, amazing raw talent, and a quick learner to boot--I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who wants good work with a good attitude."

- Kristen Estes
Founder & Multimedia Consultant Bananerd
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If you have any questions or would like to discuss pricing, please contact me at [email protected]

I strive to offer my best with all of my services. I offer free date changes on flier designs if the event falls through and will set up a free photoshoot if I'm not satisfied with the quality of the photos from the first shoot. I'm in this career because it's what I love to do, and I won't give anyone anything I'm not satisfied with.

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